Release Notes

I'm making periodic updates to my site to improve the site's accessibility, performance, quality and design. Please reach out and let me know if you find an issue or would like to request a change to the site, especially if it improves the acccessibility.

Release 3.0.1

I finally updated the design! The site really needed the update. I basically changed all of the design and some of the content, but no real major changes other than the design. I'm not quite finished with final polish, but this is a great start for a day or two's work.

Release Roadmap

  1. Add case studies for my Triple Crossing Brewing branding and design work and Tradesy / Vestiaire Collective work
  2. Add an Accessibility Statement
  3. Adjust how images are loading to improve site load times and overall performance
  4. Add a settings menu item that will include the ability to switch between a dark and light mode and pause the home page animating background gradient
  5. Add a back to top button for easier navigation after reading longer content
  6. Change font stack for windows machines for more graceful typography