Weekend Project

September 10, 2012

When my mom and her brothers graduated from high school, my great grandfather gave them each a hope chest that he had made. My uncle was kind enough to build one for me when I graduated from that same high school as my mom and uncles.

the finished hope chest
After the final coat

Fast forward 5 years later. Now that we have room for furniture in our house, we finally picked up the chest from my mom’s house and brought it back to keep. It needed to be stained and clear coated, but the wood is just too beautiful to stain. Today we sanded and clear coated it twice, and spent the rest of the evening clearing out all of the inhaled sawdust. It needs one to two more coats, but it is absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to finish it and put it in our bedroom.

I hope to build one for each of our kids when they graduate.