Tabs vs. Spaces

July 29, 2015

A few weeks ago, I was introduced to the whole Tabs vs. Spaces debate at our bi-weekly Front-end Dev meeting. I’ll admit — I had to Google the debate to fully understand what was causing such strong opinions to be held and I had a conversation with my husband Andrew, who is a developer, and I said I should just make t-shirts and let that be the deciding factor.

Well, I decided to make t-shirts and they are now up on Cotton Bureau. If you’re a Tabs supporter, you can pledge your allegiance by purchasing a Team Tabs shirt. If you’re sure you’re right and are all for spaces, you can purchase the Team Spaces shirt and secure your side’s position in history as the victor (with anyone else who thinks you’re right as well.)

Might start a holy war, but @caitlynmayers has to know. Tabs → or Spaces · ? — Cotton Bureau (@cottonbureau) July 28, 2015

Cotton Bureau is an amazing small business in Pennsylvania that helps designers produce awesome shirts. They have a kick-ass website, excellent customer service, high-quality shirts and a slew of very talented designers submitting shirts to produce.

I’ll let you know which side I’m on once the chips have fallen.