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  • Woodkid: Inspiration for your Eyes & Ears

    One of my favorite albums of 2013 is Woodkid’s The Golden Age. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to his music, you need to stop what you’re doing (after finishing reading this, of course and give...

  • Together, Part VI

    Today marks 6 years together with Andrew. To quantify in percentages, that’s 25% of my life with one person. Yes, I know, I’m a spring chicken.

  • What Difference does Yahoo's New Logo Make?

    As a designer, it’s easy to critique every bit of new design I see and remark that I can do it better. It is certainly easier to find the flaws in a design than it is to commend what works...

  • The New iPhone & iPad Rumour Round-up

    Today I shared my predictions/excitement for the new iPad and iPhone on The Flores Shop blog.

  • The Romantic in Me

    I am not the most romantic person, nor am I the warm and fuzzy type. Lately it seems that my relatively hard personality has been slowly chipped away by feelings. All of them.

  • Google Throws Down the Mobile Optimization Gauntlet

    Google just changed the mobile landscape with their new optimization rules, and I summed them up below on The Flores Shop Blog.

  • Yahoo's Uphill Journey Back to Relevance

    The Internet has been abuzz for the last week with the speculation around and subsequent confirmation of Yahoo!’s decision to purchase Tumblr for $1.1 billion USD.* Many of the discussions have asked the community what Tumblr + Yahoo! means for...

  • Did Hyundai Cross the Proverbial Line?

    I just sat down after cleaning a bit around the house, opened my laptop and began combing through my feeds, networks and saved content, and ran back across a few comments here and there that popped up in my Twitter...